Exercise 1: Left Hand Pizzicato

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Here is a video demonstration of the left-hand pizzicato exercise on page 13 of Violinworks book 1. Please click here to order a copy of the book.

  • Position your hand either at the end of the neck or in the ‘halfway position’.
  • Gently swing your elbow under the violin and pluck or tap the G string with the little finger of your left-hand. Now swing it the other way and pluck or tap the E string.
  • As your elbow moves make sure your left hand, wrist and elbow stay in line with each other, and make sure your left-hand rotates freely about the neck while your thumb and first finger stay in contact with the neck (don’t lift them away).
  • Make sure the crease at the bottom of your 1st finger stays resting against the E-string edge of the fingerboard – don’t allow the knuckle to move above the level of fingerboard.