Some additional left-hand exercises

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Practising the left-hand finger movement on the back of your right-hand

The movement of the left hand fingers on and off the strings comes from the base joints (the knuckles). You can practise this important finger movement on the back of your right hand:

  • Place the pad of your left thumb in the palm of your right hand and make a fist around it with your right hand, holding your left thumb gently.
  • Rest the ends of the pads of your left hand fingers against the back of your right hand. Your fingers should be curved, relaxed and slightly separated from one another.
  • Lift and drop each finger from the knuckle a few times, tapping the back of your right hand as you do so.
  • Now alternate between different finger combinations, placing just one finger down on the back of your hand at a time so that your fingers are marching up and down on the spot, for example: 1-2-1-2; 1-3-1-3; 1-4-1-4; 2-3; 2-4; 3-4; 1-2-3; 3-2-1; 2-3-4; 4-3-2; 1-2-3-4; 4-3-2-1; 1-3-2-4 etc.. Keep unused fingers relaxed, curved and close to the back of your hand.