1st finger notes

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See below for video demonstrations of the 1st finger notes on all the strings. See page 46 of Violinworks Book 1 for notation and further advice. Please click here to order a copy of the book.

  • The first video is taken from the side: notice that my wrist and hand remain still while the 1st finger lifts and drops from the base knuckle.
  • The second video is a “violinist’s eye view”, so that you can watch the finger movement from a player’s viewpoint.
  • When learning new notes, try to use your ears rather than your eyes – sing the notes before you play them so that you are really sure of the sounds you want to achieve.
  • If you can avoid using stickers to mark the notes on the fingerboard you’ll be playing in a more musical and violinistic way, and you’ll make faster progress in the long run. It can be helpful to sing the notes to get the sound of them in your head.

View from the side:

Violinist’s-eye view: