Playing scales with different rhythm patterns

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On this page you’ll find performance and backing tracks for the ‘Playing scales with different rhythm patterns’ exercise on page 85 of Violinworks Book 1.

  • Start by playing the D major scale along to the backing track, using the rhythm patterns on page 85 of Violinworks Book 1. Play along to the slowed-down version of the backing track to start with (see below), then try the full-speed version.
  • When you can do this easily, try playing the A major and G major scales in the same way, along to the corresponding backing tracks.
  • Try to match your tuning to the piano when playing along to the backing tracks.

There are also performance tracks provided for guidance. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a video demonstration of this exercise. For the sheet music, CD performance tracks and many more exercises and pieces, order a copy of Violinworks here.

  • D major (performance)


  • D major (full-speed backing)


  • D major (slower backing)


  • A major (performance)


  • A major (full-speed backing)


  • A major (slower backing)


  • G major (performance)


  • G major (full-speed backing)


  • G major (slower backing)


Video demonstration: