Frère Jacques / Mahler Symphony No. 1 (3rd Movement)

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Here is a backing track and video demonstration for ‘Frère Jacques / Mahler Symphony No. 1 (3rd Movement)’ on page 92 of Violinworks Book 1. For the sheet music for this piece plus many more exercises and pieces, order a copy of Violinworks here.

  • The first piece, the well-known folk song Frère Jacques, includes high 2nd-finger C sharp and is in a major key.
  • The 2nd piece is Mahler’s minor key adaptation of this melody, which uses a low 2nd finger C-natural.
  • Listen really carefully to the tuning of these 2nd-finger notes.

Backing track for Frère Jacques:


Backing track for Mahler Symphony No. 1 (3rd Movement):


Video demonstration: