Book 2 backing tracks: chapter 14

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Here are backing tracks for exercises and pieces in Chapter 14 of Violinworks Book 2. Performance tracks (including the solo violin line) and PDF piano accompaniment scores can be found on the CD that accompanies the book. Click here to order a copy.

To download an audio track, click ‘download’, then (if necessary) right click or control click and choose ‘save audio’. Please note that all these tracks are copyright Oxford University Press and should only be used for practice purposes.

Mattachins 3rd-position aural exercise: backing tracks in different keys. There are 8 metronome clicks before you start.

Mattachins in G major (in 3rd-position, starting on 1st finger G on the D string)


Mattachins in D major (in 3rd-position, starting on 1st finger D on the A string)


Mattachins in A major (in 3rd-position, starting on 1st finger A on the E string)


Mattachins in C major (in 3rd-position, starting on 1st finger C on the G string)


Oh! Susanna (performance tracks and backing tracks)

D major (performance track): starts on 1st-finger D on the A-string


D major (backing track)


G major (performance track): starts on 1st-finger G on the D-string


G major (backing track)


C major (performance track): starts on 1st-finger C on the G-string


C major (backing track)


Annie Laurie (backing track)


Cielito Lindo (in G): Performance and backing tracks

Performance track:


Backing track:


Shalom, Chaverim (you play the first 5 notes on your own – the second violin comes in on the upbeat to the 2nd bar).


Okayama Gardens


Try… Improvising a Japanese-style melody


Ach, englische Schäferin


Theme from Violin Concerto, by Beethoven


Nocturne from A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Barcarolle from The Tales of Hoffman (the piano plays a 2-bar introduction)