Chapter 12 Backing Tracks

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Here are backing tracks for exercises and pieces in Chapter 12 of Violinworks Book 1. Performance tracks (including the solo violin line) and PDF piano accompaniment scores can be found on the CD that accompanies the book. Click here to order a copy.

To download an audio track, click ‘download’, then (if necessary) right click or control click and choose ‘save audio’. Please note that all these tracks are copyright Oxford University Press and should only be used for practice purposes.


The Bell Ringer (page 67)


Mattachins (page 67) – Remember to count 4 bars of 2 beats before you start


Swiss Dance (page 68)


There goes the train that carried my girl from town (page 69).

Note that the piano plays four bars introduction before you start – count 4 bars of 4 beats.


Hungarian Folk Song (page 69)


Lavender’s Blue (page 69).

Note that the repeat is played in this backing track.


Okayama Gardens (page 70)


Wie Schön Leuchtet Der Morgenstern


Botany Bay (page 71).

Note that you start on the upbeat before the band comes in – come in after the count-in of 1-2-3, 1-2.