Using the 4th finger without tension

Here are some tips on reaching 4th finger notes without tension or discomfort:

1. Open out (widen) your hand from the base joints

In chapter 12 you learned how to widen your hand from the base joints. This is particularly important when using the 4th finger: if you only stretch the gap between the 3rd and 4th finger and keep the other three fingers squashed up against oneanother you may find it very difficult to reach the 4th finger comfortably.

2. Take care not to grip the neck with your thumb

Keep your left hand relaxed and flexible – check that you are not squeezing the neck between your thumb and 1st finger.

Lift and drop exercise

Practise dropping and lifting the 4th finger on and off each string without the bow, making sure the movement comes from the base joint of the finger. Your hand should remain relaxed and the joints of your 4th finger should be gently curved.

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